Thursday, November 20, 2008

Requiem for Life

One year ago today a friend passed into the next plain of existence. I dwell not in the sorrow of the death of her humanself, but, rather, I celebrate the birth of her new existence.

The funeral was on November 22 - Toronto's first snow fall of 2007. Ironically, today was our first snowfall and when I gazed out my window I saw her standing there, smiling and wishing me Light and love. Her life in this plain was one of tragedy and sorrows, pain and suffering from a life of abuse and neglect. A beautiful soul that society had shunned and allowed for her to fall between the cracks of life.

She suffers no more - she shines through.

The blog concerning her affect and effect upon my life can be read at my page in the November 22, 2007 archive of my blog.

I do not find it odd that The AtomicMother allowed for a snowfall to remind my forgetful human side to pay her homage on this day.

A gentle reminder, if you will, that although the snowfall brings us pretty white pictures of nature, it also befalls upon us the coldness of reality. Life is a harsh whore occasionally, a mean mistress who will bite our asses to allow us the overstanding that nothing is ever as it appears. There are Light and Dark sides to every facet of existence. The KEY to living a complete life is to have the ability to deal with these two opposing sides as equals and necessities.

Physics states that for every action there lays an opposite and equal 'reaction'. Our life is under the realm of this equation.

For we must have the knowledge and ability to deal equally with both the Light and the Dark sides of living in this mortal plain. We must deal realistically with both and not let happiness or sadness allow for us to center in on one single emotion. All is equal and all is as important as the other.

So, today, dance your dance, walk your walk and talk that talk, but remember to treat all aspects of your daily life as equals and do not get lost in the swirling cesspools of emotion.

Have faith in knowing that we are but mere sparks in an exceptionally larger burst of energy and Light.

And then shine me a favour and hug, help or just say hello to someone who needs such on this whitened day..................PEACE and LIGHT to you!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Above The Clouds

Above the clouds there is always Light. As in everyday life, the darkness is obliterated by the essence of Light. The only catch being that you must allow for the brilliance to shine through.

Do not be held captive by the doom of gloom or the actions that cannot be controlled. The essence of life is exactly that - an essence. If you do not put the potpourri in the vessel then how will you be able to benefit from it's sweet aroma?

Grab your life by the testicles and give it a gentle squeeze, a reminder that you are an energy, a Light, a persona and most of all, "One piece of a much greater Light."

I squeezed mine today, now you go squeeze yours. It reminded me that although it is raining on this physical plain, the Light shines brightly above the clouds.

Peace, my friends, peace, for in peace how can we not be so blessed?

Friday, November 7, 2008

Forgiveness and The Trinity of Life

I must apologize, for I have forgotten to spread the word of "FORGIVENESS" on many an occasion. I so often speak and relay the message of peace, love and unity, but, in reality to have the blessings of their Trinity one must first be capable of and have the overstanding of "FORGIVENESS". For that is the key to achieving the Trinity.

As in all that we learn or teach in our lives it often takes a nudge from a colleague or sometimes a stranger to bring out the awareness of a missing link. In my case concerning forgiveness it was the touch of a truly blessed Angel - that being Angel R. from


Deep simplistic in their wording, but so complicated in their implication. Peace, love, unity, overstanding and, yes, the omni-importance of 'forgiveness'.

The 'meanness', if you will, of instilled human genetics, that dark little spot in all our Karma's that allows for the doors of hatred and jealousy to enter into our world, permits us to not love - to not overstand the mindsets of fellow Lights.

But, yet, it is so easily allowed. Forgive, put aside the instilled emotion, allow your heart to permit it. What we cannot see and overstand concerning forgiveness is that which we have been taught for many ages. "YOU" did this to my world and "I" cannot forgive. Such immature and selfish thought patterns.

As a human you may never achieve inner peace by holding grudges and by being unwilling to accept that which has already happened.

To give an example of what I have learned in my own life and how I allowed for forgiveness in my own very personal life I will speak now of what I was faced to realize.

My wife of twenty five years had an affair and as a result she bore a child, no, rather she gave birth to an Angel, as one would imagine my human side was devastated.

BUT, and that is a very large 'but', I did forgive her. I brought her back into my home and we strolled hand in hand through the nine months of growth, I very willingly was there when as the Angel came forth into my world. My wife then left me once more, taking the baby with her. I daily saw the child, nourished myself through his prescience. This continued for four years, then due to her mindset I was torn from his life and for almost one year did not know where he was or how he was. I reached out and now this Angel is back in my life and I thank the Creator for this.

I would be a liar if I said I did not have the emotions of hatred and vengeance concerning all of this. HOWEVER, my very soul, my Karma or just my having walked this space/time continuum for half of a century allowed for me to say, "I forgive what has happened, I forgive her." And, I honestly did, do and always will.

Life is a hard mistress, a mean whore and sometimes life dishes out hurt and pain. It does so to remind us that it is forgiveness, love, inner peace, outer peace and unity that is the path we all must and should walk upon.

My ex-wife has never 'forgiven' me, she daily lays blame upon me for what took place, she dances within the realms of blame laying and this is to disguise her unwillingness to forgive herself for what took place. I pray someday she will walk past this and enter into the Light of being.

My mother was murdered in 1981 - I forgave he who so brutally butchered her, for if I had not I would be still encased within the concrete walls of self-pity and hatred.

My greatest forgiveness was to forgive myself for my past walk in life - I was not a very nice person for many a year, I allowed myself to become a heroin addict, a gun toting scourge of society, a gang banger and an all round DARK persona.

After so many other tragedies within my human life I found within my soul forgiveness. First I forgave myself this opened the doors to allowing the forgiveness of others.

The past has past - did you see it go by???? If you did then you must of realized that it cannot be changed.

BUT, your present and your future can be changed - it is all in what you allow your mindset to be.

Forgive, forgive yourself, forgive life, forgive your neighbour.

And then step into your new life.

I love you, I always will - now love thy self and walk into The Light.

In closing, I must thank Angel R. and I thank her for what she is doing at Help her by supporting the cause.

I also send out a very large hug and kiss to Miss V for her connection with me this morning. Your energy allows for my inspirations. Peace and Light to you and Momma G for bringing you into my world and life.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Thought or Vision

I awoke with a thought, a fleeting glimpse of knowledge, a parcel of Light enveloped in the course of shadows.

And it left me wondering.....did Gandhi, Aristotle or John Lennon experience such overstanding's in their lives? Did Miss V, my paralleled LightHouse have the same experience today?

The knowledge was very simplified in it's context.

"When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me. Speaking words of wisdom,"LET IT BE""

Not to say that 'Mother Mary' is she who is portrayed within the over-edited Bible. No, she may be Herself, God, Buddha, Jah, Cosmic Muffin, Hairy Thunderer or whosoever YOU perceive as the Master of Creation.

We are taught that there is but one universe, which to an extent is truth, (for existence is our way of overstanding that which is), but only because science and religion alike are not yet to admit that there is a "Multi-verse". Those who do speak forth this knowledge are labeled by societal politics and not believed. I believe for I have strolled through all seven plains of my Lights existence.

'Multi-verse' allows us to realize that there is far more then just one existence of space/time. In facto there are seven, seven parallels, seven paths, seven of each - but not the same. Seven versions of what we know as our selves.

We are but a spark of energy dancing through an unknown reality - all that surrounds us is energy, all that was, is and shall be is energy - a spark of existence in a cauldron of power far beyond the capabilities of the human mindset.

The existence of "GOD" is a must. The homo-sapient mind frame cannot cope with the complications of not 'knowing' - they need proof.

Proof - what a useless human word - how do you prove what already is? I am here, you are there and everyone else is where?

Remember, people, we are all "ONE" - one energy encased within a spiral of confusion and need to overstand. A 'spark' in the ignition of life.

If we all do not grab hold of the message, the OVERSTANDING - then we are all to become dimmed.

Only in peace, overstanding and oneness will we ever be able of comprehending that which the Cosmic Muffin has allowed for us to be.

For in PEACE we will know.

I and I send forth my Beacon - may the Light allow your eyes to see that which I have.