Thursday, August 20, 2009

Across My Universe

So, I pleasured my senses by watching "Across The Universe" for the twentieth time. As usual, I had tears roll down my cheeks, at certain points.

Emotion. Emotion. Emotion. Brought on by the mystical lyrics of Masters Lennon and McCartney. Or perhaps not.....perhaps not. Perhaps brought on by my memories of the Cultural Revolution I was blessed to live in and through during my formable years.

There can never be a repetition of the gift given to modern society by the Beatles. That t-shirt has been worn. Their's was the catalyst of the dawning of the age of Aquarius. The frontal mass of the Army of Peace.

It amazes me that a simple, poetic, well thought written song or, rather, a collection of songs, can bring forth such emotional thought processes in so great a number of souls.

Mankind can never witness a feat as this again. Because they have surpassed the simplicity of the message.

Ninety nine percent of modern day music carries little or no meaning (other then "money, ho's and power). The Creators already enabled Masters Lennon and McCartney to deliver the message.

Perhaps it is time for modern day musicians to merely give the message a boost - relaying it once again across the universe.

It is a very simplistic but powering message.


Say it three times into a mirror and you may make it appear. Sing it through a variety of rhythmic vocals and allow for the younger generations to hear what is meant to be.
Music is our way of keeping a beat in life.

Music is the universal language.

Let us become a universal society. One love, one goal, one people!

NWO does not have to be a bad thing. Like all else in our space/time continuum there is an equal and opposite reaction for every action. Most, when told of the New World Order, automatically think of Hitler or worse.

That is the 'Dark NWO'. My NWO is one of Light and Unity and Forgiveness and, most of all PEACE!

And so I ask of all musicians to sing the message. I ask of all artists to paint the message. I ask of all people to share the message.

Do YOU get the message???

Blessings of Love, Light, Unity, Prosperity + Peace.

Brother Dann

Sunday, August 9, 2009


There are numerous avenues and ways in which to offer up thanks and gratitudes for Blessings that Be.

Which one of these is best sincere to show such?
I know not, therefore I merely go with my instinctive inner voice.

"I offer my gratitude to The Creators for the life I have been given in this multiverse and space/time continuum. I am humbled by their gifts of trials, tribulations, conflicts and woes. For without these I would not be aware of the true gifts of success, overstanding, resolution and joy."

In my adolescent "Walk with Dann" I have seen, accomplished and experienced far more then most men. I have witnessed violence, I have experienced violence and I have been victimized by violence.

In my senior "Walk" I have witnessed peace, experienced the 'turning of the other cheek' and held my hand out to the victim.

Life is like the Spirit of the Ocean. She can be a mighty mean 'Whore' or a calming 'Lady'. It all depends on how and what attitude you approach with.

Learn to approach with an open and upward palm and a gentle voice and She will accept you. Come forth with a white knuckled fist and angry tone and She shall rip your arm from the socket.

Give thanks and accept thanks for what you have as well as what you have sacrificed.

And remember this one simple fact, the Creators are saying unto you....."Baby, I can see your Halo". For if no Halo be present you may well be in an oceanic storm.