Sunday, December 31, 2017

Homelessness in Toronto

What an oxymoron to send them on a trek across the coldest part of the city to a building ironically named the exact opposite of their situation.

Maybe if the Liberals NEVER gave the housing destined for homeless to all the ungrateful, ANTI CANADIAN  Muslims, there wouldn’t be so many homeless.

You ever walked through the Exhibition grounds when the wind chill is -29?

Last night it was full to capacity.

Which means those that were turned away had to endure the winds off one if the largest lakes in the world, all the way down there and then back up to the downtown core.

MEANWHILE ….. Moss Park Armoury, which is always surrounded by homeless and those fighting addictions and those with mental health issues, sits EMPTY!!!!


They say there are no beds. Having grown up on the streets, I can assure you a homeless person would gladly lay down on the floor of a heated building, then on a piece of cardboard on a sidewalk.

But, all these damn ‘save the world’ misconstrued, gender confused, ”don’t hurt my feelings‘ IDIOTS cannot understand the plight of being a homeless person.

So, tonight your little fireworks display and celebrations will be cut short because it will be too cold to leave your heated homes and cars as you walk past the elderly and young alike sleeping in the sidewalk you SPIT YOUR DISGUST UPON.

Take a look around people, take a look around.

Monday, December 11, 2017


Just popping in to give Blessings and Love and, of course, LIGHT to you and to yours.

I’m in a rough, scruff and lazy day mood.

So, I’m writing a fictional novel entitled, “The Last Canadian Cosmonaut”.

My first three books were based in the insanity I have called my life. They are rough, but, I lay no claim to being an author.

I am an ‘opinionist‘ – I have opinions and I have messages. Hopefully, my messages have knowledge and perhaps one soul will benefit from my tragedies.

But, the coming work will be my first attempt at actually being an author.

If perhaps any if you have read my work PLEASE feel free to offer your opinions. Good or bad. Be ‘brutal’ if need be.

For criticism is knowledge and being a full grown adult, I invite truth.

So, I leave you now to dance on the key pad.

I will write now. Sunday sports are not for me. It’s intelligence and knowledge I seek.

The Last Canadian Cosmonaut about a kid living in 32 foster homes and how the ocean keeps him sane.

Saturday, December 9, 2017


So, I published my life in a fictional depiction locked within the pages of three volumes.
I have never claimed, not do I consider, my self to be an author.
I am just me, Dann – just as I am. 
No more, no less
Like  the covers of my  volumes, my books are raw, flawed and contain mistakes.
I purposely chose rough and weathered photos for the covers. Each picture ten years older than the previous.
I have been Blessed in my lifetimes to have walked many roads. Some good and some not so good. 
All worth the strides. 
If one soul reads my ramblings and take any knowledge from my trials and tribulations then my life had meaning.
Best part of this venture is my children, their children and all generations to follow will know the truth about who “Daniel Arthur Verner” honestly was.
I put my heart into these works and I wrote honestly as possible. 
What next for LightHouse? 
I shall go onward and upword and continue to be the person I am.
And that is all any of us can honestly do.
E-books available on Kobo, Amazon and Kindle.
Paperbacks only on and 187 other countries.

Thursday, December 7, 2017