Sunday, March 25, 2012

Springing Into Spring With Humanoid Satisfaction

I love the spring - it brings upon me the opposing feel of Autumn. All is fresh and anew. The dampness of the rains are infused with the sweet aroma's of fledgling plants. Their tiny sprouts ruggedly forcing upwards through the muddy soil, so as we all can witness the powers of Atomic Mother Earth and the beauty She can give.

With the launch of this new season, one must also initiate the sequence of self-adjustment that allows our physical and mental selves to regroup and refresh the mindset. Time should now be taken to analyze ourselves in order to set in place the necessary wisdom and gained knowledge to assume the role of maturity.

As an adult human it is the persona's duty to walk boldly into the void of so-called modern society and allow fellow mankind to learn and emote the knowledge gained in the winters of our minds. We are both teacher and student in this path of life. Other soul's lives give unto us the wisdom gained from their mistakes, victories and life lessons. As a singular body amongst the six plus billion we walk amongst we, too, are required to pass on the despair of our failures, the joy of our triumphs and the acquired wisdom from knowing which is/what was the knowledge learned.

We are but old children guiding younger beings into the ancient plains of an extremely aged universe. To complicate our journey we also walk this path in six other plains or "multi-verses" as I prefer to call them.

Perhaps the parallel universe is far more then a myth. Far more then one pair of twin time/space lineages. From all my life and death experiences I know of seven in total. Upon all seven of my after-death journeys I found myself presented with the choice of seven paths into seven very different, but yet similar, plains. The choice was heavy upon these petite shoulders of mine. I know that the path I have chosen may not be that of riches and rewards and of this I am eternally grateful to the Earth Mother for She has allowed me to live a life whereas I may grow in knowledge, emotion and strength everyday. I was sent to help a soul, possibly multiple souls with their personal demons and loneliness of an existence. I was sent back to amend some of the wrongs I had partook of as a youth. I was given the choice to live a humble - mediocre existence.

I love my path for I chose it wisely.

If I had chosen a richer life, I would befallen with sadness, despair and the agony of not knowing how my fellow man struggles to survive. Not knowing the joy of taking care of myself, foraging for food, clothing and shelter. Not knowing the reward of doing for myself, working for that which I own and passing my morals, my knowledge and my love unto my friends, my children and my neighbors

There is far more pleasure in earning a life, then receiving a life.

Become a wanderer. Walk with your fellow man and teach them what you have learned from your life. Allow them to pass the same down to you. Siddhartha, Jesus, Bob Marley, John Lennon,Moses and numerous others have walked this path.

Have we not learned what they offered?


I am back, Dann, just as I am

So, I am back and have begun another walk down this virtual highway.

Life is full of change, some is spent, some is welcomed - all is part of life. Many changes have crossed my life path this past year. I have matured and aged like a fine wine and now I hold within my hands the opportunity for a better path to follow.

The Shadow knows - as he always follows us.

There are new friends, old friends with new ways, soon to be friends who bring joy and love. There is new business, old business and business yet to appear.

Life is hardest when you are led to believe it is easy. If not for difficulties why would we bother living it? I love life, I love mine and yours. We were meant to share life with each other. I share mine with the world - via the virtual and existing worlds.

Soon I shall be back in full swing of wisdom and knowledge and allow you all to once more "Take A Walk With Dann". Wait for and there.