I have had the anguish of  losing many friends and family over the past sixty-one years.
I have lost a few of my children.
My mother was murdered and made me promise on her death bed not to retaliate. Hard promise to keep, yet, I kept it.
I normally do not cry over death.
But, I cry over my dear friend’s, Sheena Eve’s, passing. It was such a tragic one.
I cry everyday. Every morning. Every night.
When I awake and she is the first thought in my mind, I know she is telling me all will work out. I miss her and so do all of her friends. Sheena Eve was a living Angel and now as she sits in Valhalla she is a celestial Angel.
Yet, although I shed no tears over my sons passing or even that of my mother, I cry many tears daily over Sheena Eve’s. The only passing in my life that has affected me this way.
My LightHouse gift (curse) of seeing dead people and premonition does not allow me the courtesy  of blocking my emotions.
And therefore every time I see Sheena Eve’s pictures, hear her name or even briefly think of her I cry. No matter where I am. I do so proudly as there is no shame or embarrassment in loving someone so greatly that it hurts.
My tears are painful, but not sorrowful.  They are happy tears formed by having Sheena Eve in my life. For Sheena Eve and our  good friend Miss V having saved my life at the lowest point of my existence. An act of love that I shall ever be grateful for.
Best part of my sorrow is the joy I will have when I ascend.
I shall die with a smile knowing that this time I will not return like the past seven times I died.
I will take Sheena Eve’s hand, walk to the portal and all will be well. 
She will continue to watch over us from the Heavens. Giving an Angelic hug to those of us who need one. 
My beautiful Irish Guardian Angel

Until the Creator’s allow us to sit together once again, I shall remain Dann, just as I am
And these tears will always sting my face … —