Thursday, November 29, 2018

My Biggerst Battle To Date

I have been diagnosed with cancer in my neck and my head.
I am awaiting surgery any day now.
Many of my medications are not covered by my drug plan and I cannot afford the extra cost of traveling back and forth.
I cannot eat solid food and depend on friends to buy me Ensure meal replacements.
This has added extra stress and strain on my already weakened body.
And I know not what to do or where to turn.
As embarrassing as it is, I have turned to social media, Facebook, to ask for help.
I am also exploring a crowd funding program to hopefully get more advertising and exposure for my published books which will help by bringing in a minor supplementary income.
I will beat this demon cancer once again. I have already battled it twice now – most is in the attitude. Positivity creates positive results.
Valhalla is not ready for me, nor am I ready for it.

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