Friday, March 15, 2019


Recently, I read a short article on a FaceBook family page that made me stop and go, “Hmmmmmmm”.
The article reopened up a chain of thought I have been investigating and extremely curious about since my high school years.
I have rare “RH A negative” blood type, as do many of my family members. From what I have been told  this trait was inherited from our Paternal Grandmother.
I have the extra vertebrae. I have the eyes, hair tint and light sensitivity …… as well as many other “markers” I have discovered from various avenues I have researched over the years.
Am I a Rasputin re-incarnate??? Or …. drum roll …. am I of alien descent?????

I have stated and believed for many years that certain Caucasian tribes of people could not have evolved upon Earth.
Think about this – the majority of humans have dark hair, dark eyes, dark skin tones and their tribal roots are easily traceable to many, many centuries prior.
Just a quick glance at the evidence supporting the evolution of the Central European Caucasian tribes is convincing enough to raise doubt in the minds of scholars and laymen alike … we are totally different than ‘all‘ other races.
We have not ‘tanned‘, for lack of a better word, as the others have to protect them from the heat and rays of our Sun.
We are one of the few races that have more than one eye or hair colour.
Over the last thirty or forty years I have delved into investigations and debates concerning what they speak of in the article.

I have added a link to the article at end of this blog. Give it a sincere read and I am positive you shall go, “Hmmmmmmm.”

Many years I was hindered from research as the Internet had not yet come into being a reality. Alas, now I can easily obtain numerous facts, theories and opinions concerning all of that associated with this topic.
I shall  put my university education to use by completing my paper on what I feel is the truth regarding this theory. To offer to society LightHouse Dann Verner’s theory of “The True Evolution of The Canadian Cosmonauts”.

Give this article a read. Research and explore other similar articles and published theories.

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